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Is A Black President Ready For America?

In the past weeks, I’ve been plagued by the question of ‘Is America Ready For A Black President? With racism raising it’s ugly head since Barack Obama entered the race, the most appropriate question ‘Is A Black President Ready For America?’

Initially, Obama’s campaign was viewed as insignificant until he won Iowa. Once it was understood that Obama is a player in the game of presidential politics, as said in street vernacular “it was on.”

Obama was running a campaign that transcended race. During the South Carolina primary, Hillary & Bill Clinton decided to play the race card. All of a sudden, Obama became the Black candidate, instead of, the candidate who happens to be Black. When the race card wasn’t working as effective as anticipated, then the religion card was put on the table……”is he Muslim? Oh better yet, we got these Rev. Jeremiah Wright tapes, let’s make him Christian and play the 3 second loop over & over & over. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

You can’t help but notice ho…

Is Obama Black Or Biracial? 06/11/08

While working the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania, my canvassing partner, Sophie (a 20-something white female) asked me ‘why does Obama identify himself as Black'. At that very moment, I realized that there is now a generation that is not familiar with the one-drop rule or maybe doesn't even care. Although we are moving towards MLK's dream where people are judged by the content of their character and not by the color their skin, race still seems to matter. Racial identity is still important especially with how the media and government categorize us. In the American psyche, identifying by one race is a focal point, but as society continues to blend culturally, this is becoming increasingly complicated for those who would like for us to check just one box. So, why is it significant that Obama chose to check the Black box?

Obama Makes History, What's Next? 06/04/08

Last night AMERICAN history was made. As I watched Obama's speech, I couldn't help but think that my grandparents would be proud and that MLK never could have dreamed this back in August 1963. At that very moment, I couldn't control the emotions and tears of joy that ran down my cheek. This nomination means so much to this country and the world. As the political commentators kept noting the division of the voters......young vs. old, I thought that maybe, just maybe, the prejudices and discord of the older generation (65+) is losing ground. For the first time in a very long time, I'm hopeful for the future of America. GOD Bless Senator Barack Obama and GOD Bless America.