Candidate for LTNC Tribal District 7

When I was asked to endorse this candidate, I paused and thought ‘really, you want my support’? After much deliberation, I realized that I’m probably the best person to give this endorsement since I’ve known the candidate for Lumbee Tribal Council, Eric R. Locklear, since pre-school.

Mr. Locklear was born and raised in Pembroke, North Carolina – home of the Lumbee Tribe. Upon graduation from Guilford College and a Masters in Education from North Carolina State, he spent his career with the American Indian Tribal Government Administration in Washington, DC. Working with this federal government agency, he was able to gain a network, as well as, a national perspective on tribal affairs, which will be beneficial in the Lumbee Tribe obtaining federal recognition.

Mr. Locklear returned to Robeson County in 2007. His tireless commitment to the community is evident by the challenges he submits to the tribe, as well as, his editorials to the local public…

Al Sharpton Selects Munson Steed Media Mogul To Direct Madison Avenue Project‏


Contact: Rachel Noerdlinger
Executive Vice President of Communications
(646) 981-5903

New York, New York (February 2, 2010)— Rev. Al Sharpton, president and founder of National Action Network (NAN) and one of the country’s foremost civil rights leaders will announce during NAN’s upcoming national convention in April, the appointment of Munson Steed as Director of the Madison Avenue Initiative (MAI), a program under the National Action Network that addresses fairness in advertising, Mr. Steed is the CEO of Steed Media Group, Inc., a multimedia conglomerate that includes newspapers, magazines, television programming, internet properties, custom publications, signature events and more. Over the course of more than ten years, Mr. Steed, a noted and much sought after motivational speaker and thought producer, has not only moved the company’s flagship publication, rolling out, into national promine…

Why Is My Birthday So Special?

After I turned 30, I’ve jokingly said each year thereafter that I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore and treat it like any other day. This year, my approach is much different.

Within the past 6 months, I’ve lost two friends. The first was Ellen. When I first moved to Atlanta, I knew very few people – less than 5. One of my friends from NC mentioned that he had a “home girl” living in Atlanta who was also from NC. He thought that we had much in common and would probably get along. So, he forged an introduction and we immediately became ‘fast friends.’

Ellen was a Bennett girl who pledged Delta and did her graduate studies at Columbia. She was full of life. Last year while I was working on the Obama campaign, she would call so we could chat about politics. We were political sisters. I attended the Democratic Convention in Denver and was at the Invesco Field speech. So on election night, assuming that I was in Chicago, she called to scream in my ear about Obama’s win. She sa…

What The GOP Can Learn From Jack Kemp’s Legacy?

This past weekend, Jack Kemp succumbed to cancer in Bethesda, MD. Before politics, Kemp was drafted into the NFL in 1957 at a time when integration was just taking root. As a player, he was often privy to the mistreatment of his fellow African American players. His early experience of observing the exclusion of his minority teammates shaped his future political platform.

Kemp served in the House from 1971 – 1989 and was seen as a rising star in the GOP during the Reagan years. He eventually ran for president against Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush in 1988.

As a politician, he urged his party to reach out to minority voters. In a 1997 appearance on Meet The Press he called race “the single most important issue facing America at the turn of the century and the millennium. He continued by adding, “I would like to see an America where black and white actually listen to each other. I want to see the Republican Party in this debate.” Although he ran unsuccessfully as the Vice Presiden…

A Profile of Hope

I've finally completed my new book!!! Mission Accomplished!!!



I've taken a hiatus from Cara Live in order to complete my new book, A Profile of Hope, by Inauguration Day. I'll be back January 2009.


Should Clinton Be Secretary Of State?

Let’s rewind the tape and think back over the course of the campaign season. Which campaign camp was consistently leaking information? When Obama secured the Democratic nomination, who’s surrogates was lobbying for the Vice Presidential bid?

Fast forward to last week, mysteriously there was an alleged leak from the Obama camp that she is being offered the post of Secretary of State. Did someone from Obama-Biden Transition Team actually divulge this information to media sources? I don’t ever recall Obama's surrogates ever leaking anything. I'm almost incline to believe that this was not released by his team. It’s uncharacteristic based on their past. Was it deliberate? If it was deliberate, then what is the strategy, especially if they are unable to vet Clinton's because her husband, President Bill Clinton, does not or will not release the contributors of the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Library?

After Obama secured the nomination there was an effort to pressure…