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What Does Bernie Mac's Death Mean?

Bernard (‘Bernie Mac') McCullough died this weekend from complications of pneumonia. Back in 2006, Bernie Mac was hospitalized at which time they released his diagnosis. He had been sick for years with a condition formally known as Sarcoidosis. It is reported that Sarcoidosis was the underlining factor in his death.

Sarcoidosis is a common disease that can go undetected because it can be mistaken for several other diseases. The disease may produce inflammation in the form of bumps or discolored areas which are granulomas. It may affect the skin, liver, lymph glands, spleen, eyes, nervous system, heart, brain and kidneys, but it most often starts in the lungs. Although anyone can get sarcoidosis, the risk is greater if you are a young black adult and no one knows why.

When I initially heard about Bernie Mac’s illness a couple years ago, I would check news sources frequently for his progress. It was very personal because I’m a sufferer of sarcoidosis, too.

In late November 1994, I woke…