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Does Barack Obama Have Executive Experience?

Last night on my show, I was asked the question if Senator Barack Obama has Executive experience? This has been one of the talking points of conservatives since the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Let’s outline the characteristics of an Executive. Webster defines an Executive as “having administrative or managerial responsibility.” Keeping this definition in mind, in order to manage a successful political campaign, it must be well-organized, have the right ideals, efficient and effective delivery of message, money, volunteers, and time to manage the campaign’s goals.

The campaign solely begins with the candidate. He/she must outline the objectives and select the team. Actually, this is probably the most critical judgment call and will set the tone for the entire campaign.

Now, let’s take a look at the Obama campaign strategy. Obama began with 5 key advisors. The first objective was fundraising. While other candidates were maintaining status quo through the traditional routes,…