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Has Obama Changed The Political Landscape?

There have been many moments in this campaign that have stood out as pivotal moments – especially for the Obama camp. From the beginning of his presidential candidacy, Obama has made his run symbolic. He announced his bid for president on a freezing day in February 2007 standing on the ground of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln delivered his famous "House Divided" speech ( against slavery in 1858.

"I recognize there is a certain presumptuousness -- a certain audacity -- to this announcement,"Obamae said. "I know I haven't spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington. But I've been there long enough to know that the ways of Washington must change."

Hence, his message was simple -- Change!

Obama was obviously the underdog as a freshman senator from IL. In the Democratic Primary, he was running against a formidable opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton – formally known as the…

Is The Republican Brand In Trouble?

I never thought I would see the day when members of staunch conservative families such as Goldwater, Nixon, Eisenhower and Buckley would cross party lines to support a Democrat. Well, that’s exactly what has happened. Chris Buckley (son of William F. Buckley) C.C. Goldwater (granddaughter of Barry Goldwater) and Julie Nixon Eisenhower (daughter of Richard Nixon – daughter-in-law of Dwight Eisenhower) have all given their support to Senator Barack Obama.

Then, there are the former members of the Bush Administration, Colin Powell and Scott McClellan who are endorsing Obama.

In addition, conservative columnist and radio talk show hosts are riding the wave of Obama – Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker and Michael Smerconish.

Former Republican elective officials, Massachusetts Governor Bill Welch, Iowa Representative Jim Leach, Maryland Senator Mac Mathias and Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee have openly given Obama a nod.

There’s something profound happening in presidential…

Was Sarah Palin Fully Vetted?

A caller on Cara Live who identified himself as the ‘Black Conservative’ wanted to know sources regarding Sarah Palin’s vetting process.

As noted, most Presidential candidates have a committee that review potential VP candidates. In addition, the candidate usually decides on someone that they are familiar and comfortable with as their political partner. It has been of question whether Governor Palin was actually vetted, especially since it is a known fact that Senator John McCain only met Governor Sarah Palin once in January at a Governor’s Conference in Washington.

Reports during the RNC gave an indication that they were still scrambling in an attempt to vet her.

Although, Palin energized the base of the Republican Party at the convention, she lacked luster in coming weeks because of mainstream interviews which caused concern of her knowledge for the position. She was unable to answer questions such as publications that she reads, Supreme Court decisions that she’s in disagreement …