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Is Negative Campaigning Fruitful?

John McCain has said on numerous occasions that he would run a respectful campaign.

With the economic crisis looming and his poll numbers declining daily, McCain has decided on a new static. From all indications, his campaign is in desperate mode. There is only 28 days until the election and they have no strategy or how to attack the bread and butter issues. The only way they feel that they can succeed is by attacking Barack Obama’s character. By questioning his association with Bill Ayers with paralleling him as a domestic terrorist, factoring his middle name in play “Hussein,” and resurging his former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in an attempt to make him militant and angry.

The above attacks have now put Obama on the defensive. The Obama campaign has put together a website ( to counter McCain’s attacks.

During this time of economic decline due to mishandling of financial institutions, this is extremely damaging given the fact that the Kea…