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Does The Media Love Obama?

On Friday, July 18, 2008, Obama left for his much anticipated international trip. With him, an entourage of media and the anchors from all 3 major networks -- CBS, NBC & ABC, respectively. Because of all the attention, the pundits and McCain campaign are taunting media bias. Remember, McCain toured Iraq in March 2008 with Joe Leiberman (I - CT) & Lindsey Graham (R - SC) without massive media. If it wasn't for Leiberman, McCain was oblivious between the difference between the Al-Qaeda and the Iran extremists.

The media did not capitalize on his gaffe because of the hype with the Democratic primary at the time. Interestingly enough, if Obama had made this verbal blunder, the media would still be playing it and the Right would say that he knows nothing about international policy or how to handle the war.

McCain did an interview on Monday with Good Morning America mentioning the "Iraq - Pakistan border."

Again, he gets away with it. If he doesn't know the geographi…

What If You Died Next Week?

In the past month, Tim Russert & Tony Snow have died. Although Snow had been battling cancer, it was not as unexcepted as Russert's death. Last year, Snow did an interview with Russert on Meet The Press. Both, in their 50's, were looking like the picture of health. While watching a replay of this clip last week, it was iry to know that the two of them did not realize that they only had approximately a year to live.

Again today, death looked me straight in the face. An attorney whom I'd been working on a project with died suddenly on Sunday of a massive heart attack. Each time we talked, he always mentioned that he was stressed. Over time, his slouched shoulders begin to revealed it's toll. Last week, he was here and gone today.

I grew up in a neighborhood of seniors. Here I was in the sunrise of my life and they all being over 60+ were in the sunset. I would sit on their porches and listen to stories of what they wished they "coulda, shoulda, woulda" done. …