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Should Clinton Be Secretary Of State?

Let’s rewind the tape and think back over the course of the campaign season. Which campaign camp was consistently leaking information? When Obama secured the Democratic nomination, who’s surrogates was lobbying for the Vice Presidential bid?

Fast forward to last week, mysteriously there was an alleged leak from the Obama camp that she is being offered the post of Secretary of State. Did someone from Obama-Biden Transition Team actually divulge this information to media sources? I don’t ever recall Obama's surrogates ever leaking anything. I'm almost incline to believe that this was not released by his team. It’s uncharacteristic based on their past. Was it deliberate? If it was deliberate, then what is the strategy, especially if they are unable to vet Clinton's because her husband, President Bill Clinton, does not or will not release the contributors of the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Library?

After Obama secured the nomination there was an effort to pressure…

Why Guilt By Association Did Not Work?

It all started with the South Carolina debate between Clinton, Edwards and Obama. Clinton interjects Tony Rezko in the conversation by stating that “I was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributors Rezko in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago.” There began the guilt by association spin.

It wasn’t long before Fox News anchor, Sean Hannity, included his efforts by looping a 3 minute segment of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Although, McCain insisted that he would not include Jeremiah Wright as a part of his smear campaign, Bill Ayers was of focus because his participation in with the Weathermen in the late 1960s.

During the entire campaign, Obama was defending himself or having to denounce someone because of their statements or actions including Rapper Ludacris, Minister Louis Farrakhan and Congressman John Lewis.

Ludacris released a rap about the election. Although he is a supporter of Obama, he was not in any way affiliated …