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Can The Republican Party Survive Without Diversity?

During the Republican National Convention of 2000, the GOP flaunted diversity. There were minority speakers, performers and delegates galore. The Republicans were trying to meet the challenge of presenting the “illusion of inclusion.” With this presentation, it allowed them to make an argument that the Democrats are taking the minority vote, specifically the Black vote, for granted.

In 2004, 290 of the party’s 4853 delegates and alternates were African American. This year that number dropped significantly. As the cameras panned the audience of the Xcel Energy Center, in Minneapolis, MN, it became apparent to the viewers that the audience did not look like the majority of Americans. It was obvious to viewers that the demographic was age 50+ and white. The numbers indicate that there were only 2300 delegates and 36 were African American. Based on the projected number of minorities in this country by 2040 which will out number their white counterparts, how does the GOP intend to s…

Why Did McCain Announce His VP Nominee On August 29, 2008?

There are two distinct reasons for this occurrence.

First, on August 28, 2008, Barack Obama made an exceptional acceptance speech. Even the harshest of critics had a hard time attacking it. In order to eliminate the positive coverage and impact of the speech, McCain had to change the media coverage cycle. The way to do this was to announce his Vice Presidential Nominee the following day.

Secondly, McCain celebrated his 72nd birthday on August 29th. It went without any fanfare and barely mentioned in the media. His campaign did not want to bring additional attention to his age.

Because he is a 4-time cancer survivor who just turned 72, his choice for the #2 spot is now a major factor because of his age. Although no one anticipates the worse for Senator McCain, if he becomes president and an unforeseen fatal event occurs, Sarah Palin would be president. Is Palin ready to lead?

What Barack Obama's Speech Meant?

While in Denver, I'd heard a rumor the day before the anticipated speech that a line would begin forming at Invesco Field at approximately 10am. Pursuant the tickets, gates would open at 1pm with the event starting at 3pm. The Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, would take the stage at 8pm. I knew instantly, that there was no way I could sit out there that long.

I arrived at Invesco Field minutes before Stevie Wonder took the stage which was about 5:30pm. I had taken my time roaming the 16th Street Mall, eating and picking up souvenirs. Fortunately, when I arrived there were no tremendous lines. The stadium was packed. As I approaching my section, I was given a flag and sat down. Later, signs with ‘CHANGE’ also included the Obama campaign website were distributed.

The crowd was incredible. There was an indescribable love in the air which I felt on the streets of Denver earlier in the day. People had a general respect for one another. During those hours in the…