Candidate for LTNC Tribal District 7

When I was asked to endorse this candidate, I paused and thought ‘really, you want my support’? After much deliberation, I realized that I’m probably the best person to give this endorsement since I’ve known the candidate for Lumbee Tribal Council, Eric R. Locklear, since pre-school.

Mr. Locklear was born and raised in Pembroke, North Carolina – home of the Lumbee Tribe. Upon graduation from Guilford College and a Masters in Education from North Carolina State, he spent his career with the American Indian Tribal Government Administration in Washington, DC. Working with this federal government agency, he was able to gain a network, as well as, a national perspective on tribal affairs, which will be beneficial in the Lumbee Tribe obtaining federal recognition.

Mr. Locklear returned to Robeson County in 2007. His tireless commitment to the community is evident by the challenges he submits to the tribe, as well as, his editorials to the local publication, The Robesonian. Just search his name in their site. You will find that through his writings, he is energized and dedicated. It is always good to see a candidate who is not afraid of a debate.

I believe with a strong presence like Eric, the existing weaknesses that you currently find with the Lumbee Tribe will cease to exist. Eric is a leader and people just naturally follow his ideas and beliefs.

If you want to see a Tribal Councilman take office who will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong against the things he believes are not in your best interests, Eric R. Locklear, is your man.

Elections are only a day away and you deserve a say in who runs the Lumbee Tribe. On Tuesday, November 15, 2011, I strongly encourage you to vote for Eric R. Locklear. I, for one, cannot think of anyone more suited to the job.


Anonymous said…
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