Should Clinton Be Secretary Of State?

Let’s rewind the tape and think back over the course of the campaign season. Which campaign camp was consistently leaking information? When Obama secured the Democratic nomination, who’s surrogates was lobbying for the Vice Presidential bid?

Fast forward to last week, mysteriously there was an alleged leak from the Obama camp that she is being offered the post of Secretary of State. Did someone from Obama-Biden Transition Team actually divulge this information to media sources? I don’t ever recall Obama's surrogates ever leaking anything. I'm almost incline to believe that this was not released by his team. It’s uncharacteristic based on their past. Was it deliberate? If it was deliberate, then what is the strategy, especially if they are unable to vet Clinton's because her husband, President Bill Clinton, does not or will not release the contributors of the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Library?

After Obama secured the nomination there was an effort to pressure him into picking Clinton as his running mate immediately, although almost all presidential candidates wait until right before their party’s convention to do so. Clinton surrogates were pressing the issue to the media, who in turn, awaited a prompt response.

Based on the above history, I get the feeling that Clinton is actually lobbying for the position of Secretary of State. It’s as if the Clinton camp acts on the premise that if they add enough media buzz, therefore, it shall be done. In the past year, that does not work with Obama. Note, it did not take an Act of Congress (no pun intended) for Obama’s decision on Chief of Staff or Attorney General.

Obama and Clinton met last week in Chicago. No statement has been release by either of them on their discussion. Therefore, the media has been speculative on the meeting's agenda especially as it relates to her becoming Secretary of State.

Would Clinton be great as Secretary of State? That’s still debatable. Although she has the expertise to be excellent in this role, the debate begins with -- will she follow Obama’s agenda v. her own? That is still of question, which is why the decision to pick her has not been made hastily. This will be interesting as it plays out.


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